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Dental veneers:

That are?

Are porcelain or acrylic plates of different thicknesses which are set in the teeth with specially developed adhesives to ensure fixation.

They are used to mask anomalies tooth color that can not be treated by the conventional bleaching. They are also used to mask changes the size or tooth shapes, giving the tooth a perfect appearance.

Veneers can be made of various materials, from feldspathic porcelain, ceramics to resin.

What veneers are used?

   Whiten stained teeth.

   Align crowded teeth.

   Match uneven teeth.

   Lengthen short teeth.

   Cerras spaces.

   Fix chipped front teeth    

 To perform the dentist has to wear the tooth minimally thus preserving most natural function of the tooth.

But do not forget that you can use veneers NO in all patients and in all cases, so if you are interested in this type of treatment come closer to our clinic located on Avenida del Cid to be informed of your chances.