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"The Rams are an outgrowth of bone that occurs in the face of the plantar calcaneus (heel)." The Ram is acute pain on waking in the morning. To take the first steps, he feels like anduviese on a nail that penetrates to the bone. The pain occurs again, having been sitting for a period of time; then, get up and walk, a very intense pain is sometimes unbearable.

How you can cure the Rams?

Definitive TreatmentThanks to the minimal incision technique, the procedure is performed through a tiny cut of 0, 5 cm and under local anesthesia. The patient walks out on his own feet.This technique is novel in Valencia since I imported from the United States where it is frequently used for years. It is supported by the excellent results I obtained, having proven their effectiveness data of the members of the American Association of Ambulatory Foot Surgery.

This problem must be solved when we prevent lead a normal life.