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Ingrown toenails

What are ingrown toenails?

"Embedding the edge or fragment of the nail in the nail channel."

How They can be cured?

Operative or definitive treatment. This type of treatment has-been Performed successfully in Lerma C. Foot Clinic you in more than 5,000 cases.

The procedure has-been imported from the United States Where it is Often used in curing ingrown toenails in American Football players (rugby) who require a speedy recovery to return to Their sport.


1. It is totally painless and it is performed under the local anesthesia. 

2. It is the end. That is, the problem is solved forever. 

3. The patient leaves the office under His own power and his own shoes, Immediately Their returning to daily activities. 

4. Does not require subsequent analgesics. The relief is immediate since Suffered martyrdom.

When You should solve the problem?
Should it go to the onset of symptoms, pain: such as, the local heat, swelling and red zone.
You should not be expected to begin to ooze pus, as the risk not only Threatens finger at the foot ... but can jeopardize the integrity of the single. May be Instituted septicemia, gangrene ... With its fatal Consequences.